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Asan Sayfa


  Symrna Natural Slate Stone

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  What Are the Uses Areas of Slate Stone

    Natural slate stone can be used as natural for interior and exterior wall coverings, construction of fireplace, barbecue and so on. Can use for arranging and dressing parks, gardens and roads.

    Natural slate stone may be of various thicknesses.

    Wall covering can be made with 1-3 cm thick natural slate, barbecue, fireplace can be covered, can be used for decorative purposes, such as interior decorations. 1 ton of decorative slate stone can be used for approximately 18 to 22 m2 surface.

   Areas of use of 4-6 cm thick natural slate stone; pedestrian paths, passenger car regulations paths, butterfly wall construction, park and garden arrangements, decorate the edges of the pool, the building basements. 1 ton of  4-6 cm thick natural slate stone can be used for 9-10 m2 surface.

    6-10 cm thick butterfly stone walls, the mortar between the grass, stairs, parking and landscaping in the form of stepping stone, concrete joints, such as the tool paths can be used for different purposes. 1 ton of stone can be used to fill a surface of approximately 5-6 m2.

    Natural slate stone is wood-patterned with brown and yellow color shades.


Asan Sayfa

  Symrna Natural Slate Stone

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