Asan Sayfa
Asan Sayfa


  Symrna Natural Slate Stone

Address: Aydın Izmir Highway
Atatürk District  Bahçeli Evler
Street  No:1
Torbali  Izmir
Tel :0 232 855 44 44
Tel :0 232 856 09 09
Fax :0 232 855 64 09
Gsm :0 532 314 2000
0 532 301 64 36


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  Smyrna Natural Slate Stone

    Wood patterned walnut slate, contains natural images, variety of decorative patterns drawn by the nature which is obtained from a single slate quarry in Turkey.  

    Natural stones can be used for arrangements of environment, parks, gardens and roads; as decorations of interior and exterior wall coverings, fireplace, barbecue and so on.

Asan Sayfa

  Symrna Natural Slate Stone

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